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  • Personal Training in North Scottsdale - OPEX North Scottsdale - Why Are We OPEX?

    Why Are We OPEX?

    It’s imperative to us that we share the same fitness belief system with anybody we align our gym with. For too long, we haven’t felt aligned in the way we offered fitness to our clients. We knew we could impact our communities more strongly, and to do that we needed to enhance the customer experience for every client that walked through our gym. For that reason, we decided to align with OPEX Fitness . The belief that we all share is written as OPEX’s purpose:
    To inspire people to live larger lives through fitness

    Until now, we’ve not had the opportunity to build long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients where those relationships were a main ....

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  • Personal Training in North Scottsdale - OPEX North Scottsdale - What is OPEX?

    What is OPEX?

    What is OPEX?

    OPEX is how we deliver fitness to all of our clients. OPEX is customized fitness in a team environment.
    Every client has the full support a coach off the floor, but they have the guidance of a coach on the floor as they train with the rest of the gym community each day. Instead of just telling you what it is, it’s more impactful to show you! One Client You are our top priority, and we are here to ensure you not only have a great experience, but that you enjoy life more in AND out of the gym One Coach You deserve to have a coach who knows exactly where you “sit” with your training in the gym as well as your enjoyment and progress out of the ....

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  • Personal Training in North Scottsdale - OPEX North Scottsdale - Meet Chai

    Meet Chai

    I was doing CrossFit for 3.5 years. Made some gains and developed some skills, but found I was having difficulty with really changing body composition, especially fat reduction. I hired a what you may probably call a "macros coach" and did see some results from that but found I wasn't feeling all that energized despite eating really well and training hard too. I felt like I needed someone that could help with both training AND nutrition, and so I sought help from OPEX. When I did my research on their website, I found they offered much more than that and their caring of digestion and gut health, along of course with just general lifestyle modifications, is what really piqued my interest in ....

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  • Personal Training in North Scottsdale - OPEX North Scottsdale - Meet Houtaneh (aka Hout)

    Meet Houtaneh (aka Hout)

    Originally, I came to OPEX because I thought I wanted to be a competitive CrossFit athlete. But after months of not achieving my goals, and many talks with Michael (who is very patient, for the record), I re-evaluated what I actually wanted. Eventually, I realized that what I wanted from fitness was just to have fun and explore what my body can do, while supporting my efforts towards becoming a Naturopathic doctor! My biggest accomplishment would have to be the major lifestyle changes I made since starting with Michael. With the help of Dr. Drobot, I am happy to say that most nights, I sleep a full 8 hours--and sometimes more! By my estimation, that alone has helped me gain strength and ....

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  • Nutrition

    The world is getting easier with technology and social media, but it’s also getting considerably confusing as we get served more and more cheaper information from so-called “experts.” Nutrition falls squarely into this category of confusion. Macros this, calories that, detox this, juice cleanse that: what in the world are you supposed to do to get healthy, lean out, and have energy? If you just read Internet articles (funny, that’s what this is haha), you will be met with thousands of complex answers. DON’T FALL VICTIM TO COMPLEXITY FOR COMPLEXITY’S SAKE. Nutrition must start SIMPLE! You need to meet yourself where YOU are, today. Consider ....

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  • Who Are You?

    Who Are You…At Your Core? We are being systematically reprogrammed to expect more and more from ourselves. Bombarded by social media of “success” from “influencers.” We’re being brain washed into behavior that puts our eyes back on social media, notifications, and the “bizarro world.” The unfortunate part of this psychological attack is that it’s working. We see too many people who think they “should” live a certain way. When we ask them why they want to live that way, they often don’t know. They’ve gotten lost in the media stranglehold. They’ve lost who THEY are. It’s time we take back how we ....

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  • Meet Paul

    I just moved here inJanuaryand was looking for a company that had atraining philosophy thatparalleled my current goals. In the past I was a box junky and began my journey in fitness through the group format in CrossFit. I really love the community aspect of the CrossFit gym but the one-size-fits-all training program reallydidn’t work for me. I frequently was getting injured and needed to make a change in the way I was approaching my training. OPEX intrigued mebecause I had never had an individualized program before. I haven’t had any real “ring the bell” moments yet. I feel like just showing up everyday and keeping my nose to the ground is an accomplishment. ....

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  • Meet Andrew

    It was a friend who is a CCP certified Coach who first introduced me. I'm in my late 30's and I have been training in some capacity since I was 14; from football through high school and college, to the military, then law enforcement, and now as a regular guy who just wants to stay fit and keep up with my kids as they get older. I've tried many different templates/programs out there over the years. Ultimately, I found those programs had many holes, and are largely myopic in their approaches; relatively inflexible, cookie-cutter strength & conditioning templates with very limited and broad lifestyle guidelines (if any at all) outside the gym. I was searching for an intelligent, ....

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  • 5 Things You Can Do TODAY That Improve Your Health

    We work with a variety of clients. Some are working parents, entrepreneurs, college students, and competitive athletes. Each client comes to us with a different history, different set of goals, different lifestyle habits, and different strengths and weaknesses. For each of these different people, we create a different program including movements, nutrition recommendations, and lifestyle guidance. What’s the one thing these DIFFERENT people have in COMMON? That’s it! They are all PEOPLE, human beings. As a species, there are some things that we NEED to be healthy. They are non-negotiable. Our bodies do not function optimally without these things. We can compensate for a while ....

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  • Meet Linda

    I've always worked out even when I was being treated for cancer and for years after that. Then I moved to Arizona without my support group and regular schedule and put on 20 pounds. I came to OPEX after having an irresponsible personal trainer at another gym. So I asked around and Michael Bann’s name came up. I worked with him a few times and then signed up for 2 years. I'm very happy with the gym and especially Michael. My biggest accomplishment is multi-faceted. I have better balance, am stronger over all, and have lost fat while gaining muscle. Right now Michael is working with me to get more protein in my diet (I don't eat meat so it's harder to reach my goals for protein) ....

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